Airmid Massage
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About the Practitioner

Rebecca Hayes has her AAS in Therapeutic Massage from Southeast Minnesota State College. She has over 1300 hours in training. Additionally, she has her master level attunement in Holy Fire/Usui Reiki, and level 1 Craniosacral training. 

She began her journey into becoming a massage therapist after discovering the benefit of massage, herbalism and acupuncture in the recovery of late stage Lyme disease just over a decade ago. After a year of combining therapies, she was able to resume her life again.  

"(Having this experience) was a learning experience for me. I humbled myself in this absolute loss of function. From this, I deeply empathize with those who struggle with illness, pain and stress. I have had personal experience that allows me to have an understanding of how these things impact your life.  I entered the field I am in a few years later after doing extensive traveling and soul searching. Despite many people discouraging me from pursuing therapeutic massage, I followed my heart. To be a great massage therapist is to help other people along in their own personal journey to wellness. Whether you have pain from injury, from spending too much time seated at a desk, from illness, or from how the tissues in our bodies manifest holding patterns and tension from trauma and stress, it can limit what we can get out of our daily lives. As a massage practitioner and energy worker, I work intuitively utilizing many techniques and integrating them into a personalized session to help my clients live a more balanced, pain-free life. I maintain an inclusive, judgment-free practice and have had the honor of working with clients of all walks of life."

In her spare time, Rebecca spends her time gardening, spending time in nature, self-studying everything from the healing arts, to history, mythology, philosophy and plant identification. She has a few nieces and nephews she loves to set up play time activities for and read stories to. Outside the world of bodywork, she is also a writer, artist and musician. 

Pictured: Rebecca in two of her self portrait themed Tarot cards, "The Fool" and "The High Priestess":