Airmid Massage
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Client Agreements

1) Arrival time

On your 1st appointment you are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to fill out a medical form and consult with the therapist about your personal needs. You are expected to be on the table by your scheduled start time, therefore arriving right on time is arriving late.  For every subsequent appointment please arrive at least 5 minutes early (to accommodate for bathroom use, updated information, etc) to be ready and on the table by your appointment start time. If changes have happened to your health, please factor in an additional 10 minutes prior to start time. If changes to your medical history are of a more complicated nature that would take more than a few minutes to update, please contact me via email so that I am better able to accommodate your needs. 

Tardiness will result in shortened session length to accommodate other clients - please take this into consideration as you schedule. 

2) Client Misconduct

I have 1300+ hours of training in clinical bodywork.  This is a professional environment in which I provide therapeutic touch and energy healing to relieve stress, tension and pain. If you behave inappropriately as a client, I reserve the right to immediately end the session. I will end the therapeutic relationship altogether and notify the authorities if necessary; I do report misconduct. It is of the utmost importance to maintain a professional, safe, therapeutic environment at Airmid Massage.

3) No shows and last minute cancellations

If you book an appointment, you must give 24 hour notice in cancellation. No shows and last minute cancellations will result in an invoice for the full amount of session.

In the event of an emergency or sudden-onset communicable illness, I make exceptions to this rule. However, you must notify me as soon as you can so It is possible for me to schedule another client. A good rule of thumb: if you have recently fallen ill and are still symptomatic the day before, please cancel at this time and reschedule once you are free of any symptoms. If you are feeling suddenly sick the day of, I kindly ask that you cancel with as much notice as possible. However- since this is in good faith, if I observe last minute emergencies to account for last minute cancellations as an observable pattern, I may invoice at my discretion - this is to prevent abuse of these exceptions.  

Invoices will be due at your next appointment, or will be payable online. Clients who no show will be sent an email with the balance due and instructions on how to make a payment.

4) Always cancel and reschedule if you have a communicable illness. 

Please remember that I touch people for a living; my chance for exposure and that of other clients is very high if you come in sick. Although it is impossible to 100% prevent the spread of illness in any setting, I do my very best to maintain a sanitary, germ-free facility for the sake of my health and livelihood as well as the health of all my clients- a number of my clients are immunocompromised to varying degrees. I have a stringent policy on communicable illness - if clients show up with obvious symptoms of illness that cannot otherwise be explained by a chronic condition, allergies, etc., or if the client gives mid-massage disclosure of a communicable disease, unfortunately their session will be terminated and the client will be responsible for the full cost of session. This is to discourage the occurrence of this behavior and maintain a sanitary facility. I have an obligation to preserve the health of other clients. I respectfully ask that all clients who have had recent communicable illness to consider the health of everyone else and come in once you are 24 hours symptom-free.  

Please inform me if you have another condition to account for symptoms such as allergies or chronic illness - Airmid Massage is a judgment-free zone and your information is protected by HIPAA law. 

Likewise, my occupation has an increased risk of exposure. If I am feeling sick, I must follow my own rule and cancel your appointment to prevent the spread of illness. I apologize when this is inconvenient, but it is to keep you and other clients healthy. It is also the law. 

Together we can help maintain an environment that promotes healing and wellness for everyone! 

5) Gift cards and packages

Any gift card or package will be honored up until a year of purchase, in which case it expires; these are void if not used within a year of purchase. 

Packages may be shared with family and friends with prior authorization of the purchaser. 

*Gift Cards and packages are non-refundable.