Airmid Massage
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Client rules and responsibilities

*It is expected when you book that you read this page. 

1) Arrival time and tardiness

On your 1st appointment you are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes early (as you would when you visit a doctor) in order to fill out a medical form and consult with me about your personal needs. You are expected to be on the table by your scheduled start time, therefore arriving right on time is arriving late.  For every subsequent appointment please arrive 5-10 minutes early; if you have an appointment scheduled for 2:30, you are expected to be ready and on the table at 2:30, not 2:45. I try to give time to my best ability if you do not arrive on time, however it is not guaranteed. 

2) Client misconduct

I have 1300+ hours of training in clinical bodywork.  This is a professional environment in which I provide therapeutic touch and energy healing to relieve stress, tension and pain. If you behave inappropriately as a client, I have the right to immediately end the session, ban you as a client and notify the authorities; I do report inappropriate behavior. 

3) No shows and last minute cancellations

You will be billed for half the session if you do not show if it happens more than 1 time. If you are having an emergency or are sick, I understand but do not abuse this in good faith basis rule. If this becomes a recurring pattern it may result in a ban. 

4) Communicable diseases

a) If you are sick with something contagious (flu, cold, skin infections, etc) or suspect you may have something contagious, you must reschedule - no exceptions. You will not get any penalties for cancellation and this is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. I touch people for a living, and as well I work with clients with autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses. For the sake of everyone, I ask you to please respect myself and everyone else by waiting until your bug has passed before getting a massage. 

b) If I am under the weather or could be contagious, I will have to cancel your appointment. I do this for my clients, not myself; I am denying myself income by having to cancel but I would rather not spread illness to anyone - it's unethical. This is one of many reasons it is important to leave contact information when scheduling. I will have no way to inform you of illness without contact information.