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Gift Cards, Promos and Packages- What You Need to Know

It is important to know if you have or purchase a gift card, you must read and review the rules in regard to purchasing and redeeming cards, packages, and using promotions. 

Redeeming a Gift Card

a) Choose the length which the gift card is purchased (you can't divide one gift card);

b) On the scheduling site, please select "Redeem X minute gift card" when scheduling so that I can keep track of booking.

c) Know that if you are a first time client using a gift card, that you are able to also reschedule 1 time as a first time client after the gift card is redeemed - this is why gift cards are sold at the regular rate (unless there is a temporary promotion) regardless if you have been seen here before, because I want everyone to have the opportunity to use this discount for themselves, or one per buyer. This rule does not change even with the December 2017 gift card promotion; everyone is entitled to one discount.

d) All sales are final insofar as gift cards, massage services and packages - I do not do refunds. Please be 100% when making any purchase; I am a very small business and not a chain spa

e) Gift cards must be used within one year of issuance. It is the recipient's responsibility to book within a year of purchase. Failure to use the gift card within this time frame will result in loss of value for which the gift card was purchased. 

Purchasing and applying a package 

a) Packages expire 12 months after issuance; exceptions and extensions can be applied in the event the purchaser becomes very ill, injured or any medical condition acquired in which massage is contraindicated because I do understand that life can give us lemons. However to give you an extension owing to medical reasons, a doctor's note is needed describing the medical problem, the extent of time for which massage is either inaccessible or contraindicated, any contraindications I need to know for when you may get a massage again. If you wish during any time you cannot receive massage, I can do master level Reiki energy work if you so choose. 

b) At this time, packages are limited to one user per package to avoid confusion. Package sharing however can be negotiated with an in-person sign of release detailing the exact name and session allotment of the other person; this is how you may share a package with your family if you wish, but only as a gift because 

c) selling or profiting off of my massage services 3rd party is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban and a police report; do not buy a package with intentions to scalp them or else you will face legal repercussions.

d) Anyone you have consented to share a package with must schedule as "redeem X amount gift card" and bring a copy of the signed release in instead of a gift card.


Presently I have a $10 off per referral promotion. 

a) one referral promo may be applied per one massage service. 

b) I have to follow HIPAA law so you do not get to know who has referred - ask whoever you told! :-) 

c) This promo may be applied on top of other promotions, such as March Madness week. 


I hope this makes everything crisp and clear for all my clients :)